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Chem is Fun!

Mount Saint Joseph High School

Ch. 1 The Science of Chemistry

I am beginning chemistry, a most unusual study.  I've never seen anything like it before.  Molecules and Atoms are the material employed, but I'll be in a position to discuss them more definitely next month.

-Jean Webster, Daddy-Long-Legs, 1912

 How to do Objectives assignment  

Ch 1 extra Notes site

NOTES-Solid, Liquid, Gas characteristics

NOTES- Natural vs. Artificial Substances

Goggle Song

Table of physical and chemical properties

Chemical and Physical Changes

Temperature- An ice cube can evaporate in the freezer?

NOTES-Chemical energy


Characteristic physical properties 

graphic calculator help  handout

Elements or mixtures?

allotropes-diamond, graphite, and buckyball

Is a pepper still a pepper? 

What do you weigh on another planet?

JEOPARDY REVIEW CH 1 & 2 Excel version 2007


Excel version 2003

atoms, compounds, mixtures

Particle Models1

Particle animations!click

SI Base Units Table

Precipitate example movie

Molcular structure of water Java & water quiz

Macro or microscopic ppt zoom in and out

Interactive States of Matter particle models in motion

Energy Rules! 

Examples of particle models as viewed in class.