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Mount Saint Joseph High School

Ch. 18 Nuclear Chemistry

Itís chemistry, brother, chemistry!  Thereís no help for it, your reverence, you must make way for chemistry.

-Fyodor Dostoevsky, Brothers Karamazov, 1880


Ch 18 Objectives

Whole Chapter Powerpoint

Nuclear Power Plant Game

How to write nuclear reactions

Everyday Exposures to Radiation

Special Weapons: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

Nuclear Chain Reaction Animation and another Fission Animation

Web Elements-check out superheavy elements that have been formed

Hydrogen Bomb

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Reactor

The Particle Adventure

Who believes God created the universe? Prominent physisists!

A few more fission animations!

Alph Beta Gamma Rays animation

Locations of Power Plants

Storage of Nuclear Waste

Locations of Waste storage map

Notes on Atomic Bombs

Simulation of Dirty Bomb in Trafalgar Square, London larger nuclei are not formed in the sun, but after SUPERNOVAS explode their larger elements are captured by other stars and fuse into nuclei larger than iron.

Ch 18 neutron cartoon.jpg