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Ch. 2 Matter and Energy

The sight of the planet through a telescope is worth all the course on astronomy: the shock of the electric spark in the elbow out values all the theories; the taste of the nitrous oxide, the firing of an artificial volcano, are better than volumes of chemistry.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays: Second Series, 1844


Ch 2 Power Point Review

How to print PowerPoint in Outline form so you don't waste ink or paper printing each slide.


How to outline for extra credit

Significant Figures Help

Graphic Calculator Help Site

Significant Figures Practice

Many sig fig worksheets with answers

Why use sig figs?

Sig Fig activity


Practice sig figs multiplication with answers

How to graph by hand

SI Base Units Table with practice quizzes

Scientific Notation help

Scientific Notation activity

Accuracy and Precision

Scientific Notation Quiz

How to do metric conversions.

Drawing a Best-Fit line

Calculating the Slope of a line

Phsyical Properties of Matter