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Mount Saint Joseph High School

Ch. 6 Covalent Bonds and Molecular Forces

"However," said she, "chemical laws exist."  For being a woman, she had need of a belief.

-Anatole France, Penguin Island, 1900


Ch 6 Objectives & PPT Review & Outline format PPT Review for printing

Bonding and Lewis Dot Structures

Bond Polarity

Lewis Structure info

You Tube video of Ionic vs. Covalent bonding

You Tube video of Single, Double, or Triple Bond

Quiz on classifying compounds

Rules for Lewis Structures Handout

Interactive tutorial #1 Naming Compounds 

Interactive tutorial #2 Naming Covalent Compounds 

Interactive tutorial #3 Writing Formulas

Overheads of Intermolecular Forces

Powerpoint on Molecular compounds and Lewis structures

Powerpoint on How to Write Ionic AND Covalent Formulas

Handout of water and its structure

Tug of war

Ch 6 Internet Review quiz

Ways to determine polarity

Rotate the molecules 3D

Water animation Shockwave

Animated 3D Shapes of molecules

Resonance Structures