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Ch. 9 Stoichiometry

While reading a textbook on chemistry, I came upon the statement “nitric acid acts upon copper”…I had seen a bottle marked “nitric acid” on a table…I was willing to sacrifice one of the few copper cents then in my possession…A greenish blue liquid foamed and fumed over the cent and over the table.  The air in the neighborhood of the performance became dark red.  A great colored cloud arose…picking (the penny) up…I learned another fact—nitric acid not only acts upon copper but it acts upon fingers…I drew my fingers across my trousers and another fact was discovered.  Nitric acid also acts upon trousers.

-Ira Remsen, My First Hundred Years, 1970.


Ch 9 Objectives

How to do mole conversions-list of steps print as reference

Ch 9Review Problems (soon to come)

Criticism of MREs

Ch 9 Extra Credit (soon to come)


Good Limiting Reactant Movie


Short Limiting Reactant Clip

Sample Limiting Reactant Problem

Another Limiting Reactant Movie 

Hole in ozone layer

You Tube Granny Airbag You Tube Exploding Airbag