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How to Succeed in Chemistry

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General Reference Charts


Ch 1 The Science of Chem

Ch 2 Matter and Energy

Ch 3 Atoms and Moles

Ch 4 Periodic Table

Ch 5 Ionic Compounds

Ch 6 Covalent Compounds

Ch 7 The Mole

Ch 8 Chemical Equations

Ch 9 Stoichiometry

Ch 10 Thermodynamics

Ch 11 Intermolecular Forces

Ch 12 Gases

Ch 13 Solutions

Ch 15 Acids and Bases

Ch 18 Nuclear

Chem is Fun!

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Mrs. Czyryca 

The quotes listed on each chapter page are from Western literature of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Such references to chemistry in contemporary literature seem to be less frequent. Perhaps if the chemical fluency on the part of authors and readers is increased, we may see more references in literature in the future.