Contact Mrs. Czyryca  (Rm 313 or 117)

Contact Mrs. White (Rm. 114)

Recycling schedule-for all sophomores  

Recycling Directions

Tonor/Inkjet Cartridge Recycling info 

List of Toner and Inkjet Cartridges

Battery Recycling info-not available on campus

Howard County Recycling

Baltimore County Recycling

Anne Arundel County Recycling




MSJ Recycling Program

Taking care of God's Earth

        Mount St. Joseph acknowledges that we are all stewards of Godís Earth

and we are now recycling paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum.  We are preparing our students to be active environmental citizens of the world they will inherit.

Paper is collected from each classroom and deposited in a mixed recycling dumpster once a week by students.  We then pay a company to take the recycling (both paper and bottles.)

Unfortunately Abitibi Paper Retriever is not working out for us any longer due to inconsistent dumpster pick up (as you may have noticed the overflowing dumpster last year.)  But we appreciate Abitibi's help in getting our recycling program started in 2009 and we certainly appreciate the parents who brought recycling from home.  Ultimately, they filed for chapter 11 so we never received payment anyway.

*Parent's, please recycle at home since we now pay for our recycling service. 

At this point, paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum will be collected in the cafeteria and the gymnasium, and during various school functions. 

Ink cartidges are collected by Mrs. Czyryca and Mrs. White and shipped to Empties4Cash and we receive payment for some of the cartridges.

All small inkjet may be sent in a plastic baggie and

some name brand, large toner cartridges.  Empties4Cash accepts ALL inkjet cartridges and will recycle the ones that they can't reuse. 

Please check the list to make sure that they accept the large toner cartridges you send in.  Those cost the company $8 to ship so they will not be happy if we are shipping toners they can't use.

Sophomore homerooms work hard to keep this program running successfully.  Gentleman, thank you for doing service for our community and taking care of God's Earth.

Please don't skip your week. If you canít do it the designated day, do it the day before or after. Thanks.

But I don't know what to do!

For PAPER:  Take any recycling bin located in your building around to your designated locations indicated on the schedule, then empty it into the dumpster behind the cafeteria.

Fine Arts is the only building that we have to empty bottles.  Take them to the cafeteria please.