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Mount Saint Joseph High School


Success in chemistry is the result of consistent study.

In Class (Print a copy)

         Come to class with a positive attitude, ready to learn

         Pay attention and stay focused during class

         Take legible and thorough notes

         Participate in a constructive way

         Ask questions if necessary

         Stay organized, use binder, date and title assignment

         Use assignment book AND Edline

Each Night

         Take your text book and 3-ring binder home

         Study your class notes as if there was going to be a pop quiz

         Study small amounts of material at a time and learn it well instead of glossing over a lot of material

         Verbally explain material to someone else (explain it to your grandmother)

         Mark places in your notes where there is ambiguity (Doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning)

         Go over examples presented in class (before attempting homework problems)

         Complete assigned reading (be sure to study figures, tables, and sample problems in the text)

         Complete assigned problems and/or questions thoroughly with explanations

         Visit Edline or my website for handouts or HELP websites

         Study using index cards with vocabulary terms on them

         Take breaks while studying, but focus during study time


         Use pencil on study guides and numerical problems

         Neatness counts - take pride in your work, no spiral notebook paper

         Spelling counts

         English and grammar count - use complete sentences in study guide and text questions

         Never answer a question with a simple "yes" or "no".  Always provide an explanation

         Show all work for numerical problems.  You will not receive credit if your work is not included

         Review by studying the Jeopardy and other Power Point notes.

            How to print a Power Point in outline form and save paper and ink.

Article: Giving Disorganized Boys the Tools for Success. New York Times 2008