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Huck Finn questions

for chapters 1-43


Chapter 1

1. With whom was Huck living at the beginning of the book? 

2. Who is the narrator of the book? 

3. What relation is Miss Watson to the Widow Douglas?  

4. Who takes care of Huck and Tom's money? 

5. Who was waiting for Huck Finn after midnight? 


Chapter 2

6. To whom did Jim belong? 

7. Who did Jim say gave him the 'five-center piece' he wore around his neck? 

8. Who was called a cry-baby? 

9.What was the "line of business" of the gang? 

10. Who was elected Second Captain over 'Tom Sawyer's Gang?' 


Chapter 3

11. Why did huck get a good 'going-over?' 

12. How did Huck know that his 'Pap' waasn't drowned? 


Chapter 4

13. Where did Jim get his hairball? 

14. What made Huck suspect Pap was back? 

15. Who is Pap? 

16. Where is Pap at the end of the chapter? 


Chapter 5

17. How did huck's unexpected visitor get in the room? 

18. What did Pap trade his new coat for? 

19. What did the judge recon a body would need to reform Pap? 


Chapter 6

20. What did Pap get every time he got money? 

21. What object did Huck use to escape the cabin? 

22. Why does Pap not vote? 


Chapter 7

23. For what did Huck dive in the water? 

24. What did Huck drop "so as to look like it had been done by accident?"

25. What was Huck's destination once he was in the canoe? 


Chapter 8

26. Why was the ferry-boat firing the cannon? 

27. How long is Jackson Island? 

28. What did Huck find that made his "heart jump up amongst his lungs?"

29. Why was Jim afraid of Huck? 

30. Why didn't Huck believe that bees didn't sting idiots? 


Chapter 9

31. How wide was the island? 

32. What did Jim say that the little birds said? 

33. Were they right? 

34. How did the man in the house die? 


Ch. 10

35. What did Huck and Jim find sewed up in the lining of an old blanket overcoat? 

36. After Jim got bit by the rattlesnake, what did he have Huck do with the rattles? 

37. Why does Huck think that Jim got bit by the snake? 

38. What two objects did they find in the stomach of the catfish? 


Ch. 11

39. Who is Sarah Williams? 

40. Where is Sarah from? 

41. What three ways did Mrs. Loftus ascertain Sarah's true gender?


Ch. 12

42. What is a tow-head? 

43. What two items did Huck and Jim decide to NOT "borrow?" 

44. According to Huck Finn, how much do steamboat captains make per month? 


Ch. 13

45. What's the name of the wreck? 

46. According to Huck Finn, how many wives did Solomon have? 


Ch. 14

47. How many boxes of cigars did Huck and Jim get from the ferry-boat? 

48. How did Louis the XVI die? 


Ch. 15

49. Where did Huck lose the raft? 


Ch. 16

50. What town were Huck and Jim looking for? 

51. Why was Huck miserable? 

52. How did the raft get destroyed? 


Ch. 17

53. What was Huck's pseudonym? 

54. How did Huck find out his pseudonym after he'd forgotten it? 

55. How did Stephen Dowling Bots Die? 


Ch 18

56. Who was Col. Grangerford's oldest son? 

57. At what time was Miss Sophia supposed to have her rendezvous?

58. With whom did Sophia Grangerford run off with? 


Ch. 19

59. Who wouldn't say, "Dern the fog"? 

60.  The two men said that they were really…


Ch. 20

61. How old was the imaginary boy named Ike? 


Chapter 21

1. The duke recites a very distorted version of Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy.  Research and explain what a "soliloquy is."

2. Research and explain what Hamlet is contemplating in his "To be or not to be" soliloquy.

3. Explain why Boggs is so upset at Col. Sherburn, enough that he wants to kill him.

4. Explain why it is so unjustified that Co. Sherburn kills Boggs.


Chapter 22

5. Explain what Col. Sherburn means when he says, "The average man's a coward."

6. Explain where Col. Sherburn says "mobs" "borrow" their power from.


Chapter 23

7. Explain what it is that Jim "often" does for Huck while on the raft.

8. Explain how what Jim does "often" for Huck may be seen as fatherly.

9. Explain what Huck is surprised about that Jim does.

10. Explain how a reader could find Jim more sympathetic because of it.

11. Explain what Jim did to 'Lizabeth.

12. Explain Explain Jim's reaction to this that could cause the reader to be more sympathetic to Jim.


Chapter 24

13. Explain the fraud that the king and the duke are going to perpetrate.

14. Explain Huck's reaction to this evil he witnesses.


Chapter 25

15. Explain what Huck initially thinks about Mary Jane.


Chapter 26

16. Besides her beauty, explain another aspect of Mary Jane that Huck finds attractive.

17. Explain Huck's attitude about his part in the fraud.  In other words, explain why he is upset by it so much.

18. Explain what Huck plans to so to help the girls.


Chapter 27

19. Explain where Huck ultimately hides the money.

20. Explain what Twain points out as horrible in the sale of the slave families.


Chapter 28

21. Explain why Huck is so eager to tell Mary Jane that she'll be reunited with her slaves.

22. Explain the memory that causes Huck's eyes to "water a little."

23. Explain which biblical character Huck likens himself to when he tells us that Mary Jane prays for him.

24. Explain what Huck means when he says that Mary Jane had "grit" and was "full of sand."


Chapter 29

25. Explain what Huck was doing in the tavern that the doctor said Huck wasn't too good at.

26. Explain how the doctor is going to prove that the king and duke are frauds.  (What do they have to do?)

27. Once this didn't fully work, explain what the next test for the king to pass is...and, what his answer is.


Chapter 30

28. Explain the lie Huck told to the king back on the raft.


Chapter 31

29. The king and duke give a "lecture" on temperance.  Explain what temperance is.

30. Explain why their lecture on temperance is then so hypocritical.

31. Explain Huck's reaction to Jim's disappearance.

32. Explain how much Jim is sold for, and what the dollars are called.

33. Give an example of what Huck remembers, explain why Huck can't turn Jim in.

34. Explain why Huck thinks he'll "go to hell" for not turning Jim in.


Chapter 32

35. Explain what "Providence" is by the way Huck uses it.

36. Explain what Huck discovers that Providence has been doing for him "all along."

37. Explain whom Aunt Sally mistakes Huck for.

38. Explain Aunt Sally's response to Huck's telling her that a "nigger" was killed on the boat.

39. Explain what Twain is trying to show that is so appalling about Aunt Sally's response.


Chapter 33

40. Explain why Huck is so impressed with Tom Sawyer.

41. Explain whom Tom Sawyer pretends to be.


Chapter 34

42. Explain how Tom figured out that Jim was there.

43. Explain what it is that Huck can't figure out about Tom.


Chapter 35

44. From the previous chapter and this one, explain why Tom Sawyer is frustrated about rescuing Jim.

45. Explain what little Jim would have to do to escape.

46. Explain how Jim is supposed to keep a journal. (What is his paper and what is his ink?)


Chapter 36

47. Explain why Tom gives up his first (37-year) plan to free Jim so easily.

48. Explain why Uncle Silas visits Jim in the shed every day or two.

49. Although Jim doesn't see the sense in Tom's plan, explain why he'll go along with it.


Chapter 37

50. Explain how Huck and Tom burn themselves.


Ch. 38

51. Explain “Maggiore fretta, minore atto.” 

52. Explain why Tom thinks Jim should have a rattle snake. 

53. Explain how Jim is supposed to water his flower. 


Ch. 39 

54. Explain the three things Jim shares his bed with. 

55. Explain how long Jim has been kept in captivity working on his escape. 

56. Explain what it is called when a prisoner of style escapes. 


Ch. 40 

57. Explain how Jim is dressed during the escape. 

58. Explain who gets shot and where. 

59. Explain why Huck thinks Jim is “white inside.” 


Ch. 41 

60. Explain why Old Mrs. Hotchkiss thinks that Jim is crazy. 

61. Explain why Huck wouldn’t see about Tom, not for kingdoms.


Ch. 42 

62. Explain how Jim was faithful and risked his freedom. 

63. Explain what Tom has known about Jim all along to help Jim. 

64. Explain Tom’s reason for putting Jim through the escape plan.

65. Explain what Huck finally understands about Tom. 


Ch. 43 

66. Explain Tom’s future plans for Jim. 

67. Explain the prediction that has come true for Jim.

68. Explain where Huck is going at the end of the story. 

69. Explain why Huck is going there.