ummers Conservatory

The Summers Conservatory is one of Lexington's most popular park sites. It is named in honor of Katherine E. Summers, who first suggested in 1907 that the Lexington Park Board build a public conservatory and worked tirelessly to fund the project. The central court of the current Conservatory building was completed in 1919, and the Desert House and Tropical Room were added in 1922.

The Summers Conservatory hosts a number of events and displays throughout the year. One of the most interesting is the Butterfly Extravaganza, which takes place in late spring. Thousands of butterflies are released within the Conservatory to mingle freely with visitors—an entrancing site!

Shows throughout the year highlight seasonal flowers and foliage arranged according to themes that differ from year to year. These shows can take up to two full weeks to set up and always include hundreds of plants. The seasonal shows take place in spring (March - April), summer (June - August), and fall (September - November)

The annual Holiday Show is a special seasonal show that brings visitors from the entire three-state area. Hundreds of poinsettias, cyclamens, ferns, and other seasonal plants make a lush display that contrasts richly with the winter scene beyond the greenhouse windows. Visitors of all ages enjoy the toy trains and antique music boxes on display.