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Welcome to Fast Finish Swimwear, your online source for famous-name suits, accessories, and training equipment. Whether you're looking for a competition suit or a replacement goggle strap, we have what you need.

We specialize in outfitting teams. For a sampling of our team suits, go to the Teams page. Need swimwear for coaches or lifeguards? We have those too. We also have a wide selection of training essentials, including stopwatches, training videos, fins, paddles, kickboards, and pull buoys.

Online ordering is currently under construction, so to order any of the products on this site, call Fast Finish Swimwear at (614) 555-2100. Be sure to check the Sale Table below for off-season bargains and overstocks.

Sale Table

Item Description Stock Price Sale Price
71986F Speedo Prism $51.00 $43.50
71987F Speedo Zig Zag $51.00 $43.50
71988F Speedo Slice $51.00 $43.50
20111F Tyr Streamline $53.00 $45.50
20114F Tyr Tetris $53.00 $45.50
20115F Tyr Mini Floral $53.00 $45.50
70585M Speedo Shattered $27.00 $21.50
70587M Speedo Flames $27.00 $21.50
70588M Speedo Seagulls $27.00 $21.50
72800 Sprint Goggles $6.50 $4.00
72801 Relay Goggles $6.50 $4.00
72802 Optical Goggles $18.50 $14.50
22332 Raceflex Goggles $12.00 $8.50
22334 Splitstream Goggles $12.00 $8.50
22338 Velocity Goggles $12.00 $8.50