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Fast Finish Swimwear can outfit your entire team for competition with suits from Speedo, Tyr, or Dolfin. Choose a suit and let us customize it with special embroidery options or your team logo. Silk screening is also available for suits.

Give your team a winning attitude by providing them with team accessories from Fast Finish Swimwear. We offer caps, bags, parkas and other warm-ups, sweatshirts and T-shirts, towels, and even team banners. All of these items can be customized with your team's name or logo, or with the names of individual swimmers.

The table below lists a sampling of team suits available from Fast Finish Swimwear. For more details or sizing information, call us at (614) 555-2100.

Description Price Price 12+ Colors
Male/Female Male/Female
Speedo Aquablade Female
High Neck


Reg cut


High neck $71.20
Reg cut $64.80
Royal, Navy, Black
Speedo Aquablade Male
Leg suit




Leg suit $71.20
Racer $28.80
Royal, Navy, Black
Speedo Team Solid $46.00/$23.50 $36.80/$18.80 Sapphire, Navy, Black
Speedo Solid $46.00/$24.00 $36.80/$19.20 Sapphire, Navy, Black
Speedo Aqua Drop $49.00/$26.00 $39.20/$20.80 Green, Blue, Red, Purple
Speedo Seagulls $57.00/$29.00 $45.60/$23.20 Green, Blue, Red, Purple


Tyr Swirl $53.00/$27.00 $42.40/$21.60 Green, Blue, Burgundy, Purple
Tyr Pulsar $46.00/$23.50 $36.80/$18.80 Green, Royal, Burgundy, Black
Tyr Varsity Splice $46.00/$25.00 $36.80/$20.00 Green, Royal, Navy, Black
Tyr Team Solid $39.00/$22.00 $31.20/$17.60 Green, Royal, Burgundy, Black
Tyr Powerflow $60.00/$31.00 $48.00/$24.80 Green, Royal, Navy, Black


Dolfin Team Solid $33.00/$17.50 $26.40/$14.00 Red, Green, Royal, Maroon, Navy
Dolfin Bolt Solid $25.00/$15.00 $20.00/$12.00 Royal, Navy, Black

Embroidery $4.50