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Welcome to Parrot Vacations!

Here at Parrot Vacations, we think your birds should have as good a time as you do when you go on vacation. We nurture your birds in a cheerful, bird-oriented home setting. Our priorities are your bird's safety, good nutrition, and loving attention. Your bird will have a great vacation no matter how short or long your trip.

Some bird sitting services offer to "visit" your bird while you're away and feed it. That means your bird probably gets 15 minutes of attention per day. Other services will take your bird to a large facility such as a pet store where nothing is familiar and your bird may be only one of hundreds.

At Parrot Vacations, your bird will become a member of the family. All birds get lots of shoulder time and out-of-cage time. Perches are installed from wall to wall across some rooms and festooned with colorful spirals and wooden and Lucite toys. Birds enjoy the view through large windows and skylights.

Before bringing your bird to Parrot Vacations, you must have your bird checked by your vet. Only birds with a clean bill of health are permitted. We will use our judgment about letting your bird interact with other birds. Usually all boarding birds enjoy (or at least tolerate) each other. Sometimes they even teach each other new words!

Parrot Vacations . . . your bird deserves a great vacation!