Sycamore Swap

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It's once again time for the Sycamore Swap, a township-wide swap meet that allows neighbors to mingle and (with any luck) get rid of attic, garage, and basement clutter. Browse here for a preview of some items you'll find at the Swap. As always, the Swap includes both pre-used and new items from individuals and retail merchants.

One Person's Junk . . .

We've all seen on public television how often determined shoppers pick up (nearly) priceless antiques and collectibles at garage sales and swap meets just like the Sycamore Swap. Has your neighbor stashed a Tiffany lamp under her basement stairs? Is your brother using a Chippendale chest to hold up his work bench in the garage? Encourage everyone you know to contribute their junk to the Swap and be first in line to steal those bargains.

Harvesting the Bargains . . .

Join us for the Sycamore Swap:

We always have beautiful weather, but in case of persistent rain (or an early snow), all events are rescheduled for the next weekend.