11 What Is Science?                                                                                                                               

A. What Science Is and Is Not

B. Evidence Based on Observation

C. Interpreting the Evidence

D. Explaining the Evidence

E. A Scientific View of the World

F. Science and Human Values


13 Studying Life

A. Characteristics of Living Things

1. Made Up of Cells

2. Reproduction

3. Based on a Genetic Code

4. Growth and Development

5. Need for Materials and Energy

6. Response to the Environment

7. Maintaining Internal Balance

8. Evolution

B. Branches of Biology

C. Biology in Everyday Life



74 The Diversity of Cellular Life

A. Unicellular Organisms

B. Multicellular Organisms

C. Levels of Organization

1. Cells

2. Tissues

3. Organs

4. Organ Systems