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Topics We Will Cover This Year Include....

  • Summer Reading: The Children Bob Moses Led, , Maus I and I , Peace Like a River , or Little Big Man

  • Summer Reading Group Activity and Rubric
    Summer Reading Essay and Rubric

  • Native/Early American Literature

  • EA Lit handout
    EA Lit vocabulary

  • Puritanism

  • Salem Witch Trials Webquest

    Arthur Miller's The Crucible
    The Crucible vocabulary 1
    The Crucible vocabulary 2

  • Colonialism

  • Colonialism handout
    Colonialism vocabulary

  • Romanticism

  • Romanticism handout
    Romanticism vocabulary

    Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe vocabulary 1
    Edgar Allan Poe vocabulary 2
    Edgar Allan Poe-Style Short Story Directions and Rubric

  • Transcendentalism

  • Transcendentalism handout
    Transcendentalism vocabulary
    Dickinson and Whitman vocabulary

  • Civil War Literature

  • Civil War handout
    Civil War vocabulary 1

  • Realism and Naturalism

  • Realism, Regionalism, and Naturalism handout
    Realism, Regionalism, and Naturalism vocabulary

  • Modernism

  • Modernism handout
    Modernism vocabulary

    The Harlem Renaissance
    Harlem Renaissance handout

    F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
    Gatsby background info. sheet
    Gatsby Character Notes sheet
    Chapter 1 study guide
    Chapter 2 study guide
    Chapter 3 study guide
    Chapter 4 study guide
    Chapter 5 study guide
    Chapter 6 study guide
    Chapter 7 study guide
    Chapter 8 study guide
    Chapter 9 study guide
    Chs. 1-3 Vocabulary Words
    Chs. 4-6 Vocabulary Words
    Chs. 7-9 Vocabulary Words

  • Post-Modernism

  • Postmodernism handout

    Postmodernism Vocabulary

    Walter Dean Myers' Fallen Angels
    Fallen Angels vocabulary
    Fallen Angels Reading Guide


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